WordPress Design & Development

WordPress is our choice of content management system when designing and building websites. We design and create custom WordPress themes for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The WordPress (WP) platform is community-driven, open source software that is currently powers over 25% of all new websites created (including over 58% of all websites using a content management system). This statistic includes local dentists, lawyers, and small businesses all the way up to names and brands you’re sure to recognize: the New York Times, GM, Reuters…even The Rolling Stones, Jay-Z ,and Katy Perry have websites powered by WP.

Why do WE like WordPress?

It’s EASY for you to update

Not only is WordPress very flexible and powerful, but it has a super user-friendly administrative interface (called the Dashboard). WP allows you, the user, to login and make changes to your website’s content.

It has active community support

The WordPress core is constantly growing, with new features and security updates being released frequently. Updating your software is just a matter of a few simple clicks within the Dashboard.

It’s open source

It’s a worst-case scenario, but what happens to your website if our offices goes up in smoke…with us in them? A WordPress powered website can be picked up by someone else very easily.


What can you expect from a WordPress-powered website?

  • Easy content management – we can’t stress that enough!
  • Unlimited pages (static content) and posts (like recent news or blog entries)
  • Custom content types if pages/posts are too limited for your needs
  • Custom fields can extend the Dashbaord even further to meet your specific requirements
  • Private and password protected pages
  • Drag and drop navigation menu builder
  • A media library to store image or document uploads
  • Supports multiple templates for unique layouts
  • And more – WordPress is highly customizable to fit your needs

WordPress Greenville, SC

WordPress Training & Consulting

Are you trying to get WordPress up and running? Did you just inherit a WP website and have no idea where to start? Or maybe you never really got trained on your company’s website to begin with?

No problem. We would be glad to come show you and/or your group the ins and outs of how to manage your website. Training sessions usually last around an hour and it would be great if we could receive access to your website’s Dashboard beforehand (to familiarize ourselves with any customizations that may be in place).

We also provide managed WordPress hosting, monthly retainer-based support and are available for consulting on a number of topics, including WordPress SEO, plugin recommendations, and WordPress website performance analysis.