Web Design & Development

Each web design project is unique depending on the needs of each client and their customer base, but here’s a quick glimpse at the general process we go through when designing a website:


The Discovery phase is where we have the opportunity to learn about your company’s existing brand, culture and customers. Finding out what your company is all about helps us to begin to establish a creative direction for your website. Also in this phase, we talk through about the content (text, images, video, etc) that you have or will need for the website, what functionality you would like to offer your visitors, what they are looking for when they come to you and what elements would be most beneficial to them. Tools that we might use during the Discovery phase include mind maps of your website’s navigation, sketched wireframe mockups and mood boards. Finding out this type of information up-front is very important so there are no surprises later on in the project. All of this information helps us to understand how your website should be laid out and also the look and feel surrounding the various elements.

Web Design

Taking what we learned in the Discovery phase, we create layered website design concepts in Photoshop using fonts, color schemes, textures and imagery that will accurately represent your brand. We will present these concepts to you, talk through the decisions that were made and make any necessary adjustments.

Web Development

Once the concepts are approved, we begin working on converting the website design into a functional website. Speed, standards and search engine optimization are all considerations that we take into account while developing the code for your website. Each website is built responsively, so visitors on any type of device will have a consistent, positive experience.


Once the core of your website design has been coded, we begin to run tests to see how the website is displaying. Believe it or not, all web browsers handle code a little differently, so your website may display differently between Internet Explorer and Firefox. Additionally, there can be variations between different versions of browsers, so I take a look at how everything displays across modern browsers.* This ensures that the website is being displayed consistently for all of your visitors.

*In 99.999% of cases, we do not support versions Internet Explorer under IE 8. If you’re still running something lower than IE 8, please consider upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or using a different (better?) browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Training and Population

Once we have verified that the site is rendering properly, it is time to populate the website with content. If we have decided to build your website on a content management system, we will also schedule a time to sit down and train you on how to use the back-end and add/update your site’s information.

Site Launch

After the site has been populated, we’ll both run through the site several more times to make sure everything is running the way it should be. Once you give final approval, we will move the site live and begin to allow search engines to crawl the site. And that’s that – you’ll be up and running!

Ready to Get Started?

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