Logo Design & Graphic Design

Logo Design

Your logo and branding visually define who you are as a company or organization. A good logo reinforces what you are all about, while a bad logo may send the wrong message and turn people off from engaging with you. We will work with you to understand who you are as an organization, what you do, and who you are trying to reach. After this discovery phase, we will design logo options for you along with recommended color schemes and typography. All of our logo design projects come with a style guide showing best practices for executing your branding and a package of artwork for both print and web applications.

Graphic Design

Regardless of what you might hear, print is certainly not dead. Sometimes people just want to hold and see something that’s tangible away from our screens. We can provide traditional graphic design services for real life pieces such as business cards, brochures, catalogs, signage, packaging/labels, trade show displays, and more. At Sandlapper, we speak the language used in the print world as well and would be glad to work with you to meet your graphic design needs.

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