Web Development

"We wish we had found you guys sooner." - A Commercial Real Estate Company

Another company was initially brought in to handle development responsibilities for the commercial real estate website project. However, their developers reached a point where they were unable to build out the functionality to the client’s specifications. After things sat idle for several months, the client engaged with us to push the project through to the finish line. With a fresh start on the client’s WordPress template, we were able to finish in just a few months what the previous company had taken close to a year to partially build.

Requirements on this project included a custom-built advanced search feature that allowed users to select from a set of options to narrow down available properties. These were displayed in real-time, both in list format as well as plotted on a map. Once users drill down into a single property listing they are able to view key details and images, and dynamically generate a PDF file for offline access. The client had hired designers to create these property flyers to this point, so the ability for users to generate an attractive, consistently branded PDF from the website will save them a significant amount of time and money. Another key piece of functionality that we were able to deliver for the client was an intuitive user interface that could handle the various data points for each property and also allow them to choose what content was displayed in the property PDF downloads.

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