Web Development

Marketing Materials Portal for a Fortune 500 Automotive Company

The automotive marketing materials project required building out a library of downloadable assets for automotive dealers across the country. Before accessing the materials, dealers are required to log in – this allows the client to also track what users are logging into the site as well as who is downloading what files. When a new user requests to be registered on the website, they are automatically synced with a MailChimp mailing list and their new password is mailed to them from this account. Once they have logged into the portal, users can browse the downloads by end use execution (for example, they can view things print ads, counter/outdoor signage, video spots, feather flags, etc). If a user clicks on each download’s thumbnail image they are given a preview of the creative in a popup lightbox, which can scroll if there are multiple images assigned to the download.

A second phase of the project required connecting the existing platform with a print vendor via a single sign-on connection. From there, users can order the materials co-branded for their dealerships.

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